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Tue Nov 24 06:50:23 EST 2015

On 24/11/2015 11:29, David Bovill wrote:
> I've a question about HTML5 export and how this is intended to fit in with
> the other pieces of LiveCode and a modern web environment - so far it has
> only really been presented in the context of standalone Javascript apps and
> I'd like to know more about how I could link this to the other web content
> - other than simple HTTP requests. The question is along the lines of what
> is possible, and what is actively being developed in terms of functionality.

At the moment, my main focus is on providing a way to create standalone 
JavaScript apps (and I'm glad that that's how HTML5 Deployment has been 
presented to you)!  I expect that this will keep me occupied at least 
until LiveCode 8.0.0 is released.

> In particular I would like to be able  to create Javascript plugins and
> widgets that the rest of the web page can interact with - so a web page
> author could include the libraries and then we expose an API for Javascript
> developers to use.

Yes, that would be great, and would make LiveCode HTML5 deployment even 
more useful.  However, this is not something that I currently have any 
specific plans to implement.  I've already got plenty left to do to make 
more complicated LiveCode-only apps work, first.  There's little point 
in adding new features if the features that have already been committed 
to aren't fully working and supported yet.

> Also how would the browser widget work in this context?

At the moment I don't have any specific plans to support the browser 
widget in HTML5 apps.  I expect that very few people will have the need 
to run a browser in a LiveCode app that's already running in a browser.


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