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Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Tue Nov 24 06:19:48 EST 2015

On 24/11/2015 11:14, David Bovill wrote:
> Just searched for this but no luck - I seem to remember that (no-dependent)
> widgets are able to be exported to HTML5 in the latest builds? Or did I
> dream it. In my tests they are not exported - or am I missing something
> like adding them to the files list in the standalone builder?

Hi David,

Yes, you should be able to select widgets to include on the "Copy Files" 
page of the standalone builder to include them in your HTML5 standalone. 
  Unfortunately there's a bit of a nasty (and hard to track down) bug 
that's causing some widgets to crash the HTML5 engine at the moment.

The best test for widgets in LCB is the "clock" widget at the moment 
(it's the way I test!)  You should be able to:

1) Create a new stack
2) Drag a "clock" widget onto the stack
3) Go to the standalone settings and
    a) Select the "clock" widget on the "Copy Files" page
    b) Enable HTML5 standalone generation
4) Build a standalone

Then when you run the standalone in a browser, the clock should work.

Let me know how you get on.


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