Philosophical questions about the fontNames

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Thu Mar 12 16:39:56 EDT 2020

On 2020-03-12 17:23, Paul Dupuis via use-livecode wrote:
> Yes, it does. Lacking a detailed technical understanding of the
> ridiculous complexity of the macOS (or Windows for that matter), is
> one reason we used/use HyperCard, SuperCard, MetaCard, Revolution,
> LiveCode for the past 25+ years for our app development.
> It *SEEMED* like a reasonable attempt at HIG compliance to set the
> fonts of our objects to the special names and also *SEEMED* like it
> was then reasonable to want to show what font was selected in a menu,
> but it is absolutely true that I was assuming that "(Text) became
> Segui UI on Windows and Calibri (or whatever) on macOS and NOT
> something like .AppleSystemUIFont!

Heh - its been an interesting learning exercise for us both - both 
technically and process-wise :)

I would stress here that this is just a reminder where failing to 
provide an adequate use-case when asking for something, or indeed 
posting a bug report about long-standing behavior which you believe 
should be changed is critically important.

The thing is if you focus on a very specific technical detail as being 
the problem, and describe it as just that it 'robs' the person reading 
of it any context in which to make any sort of judgement from a wider 
point of view and perhaps short-circuit digressions into rabbit holes :)

The main thing is that your code is going to be simpler as a result of 

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