HTML5 deployment: progress comes into sight

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Wed May 31 00:35:18 EDT 2017

JavaScript via the browser would be huge. There are tens of thousands of
JavaScript libraries that could be used by livecoders to add bleeding edge
UI elements  & websockets to their applications via lc script. It would
allow livecode to communicate with the real-time web  without lcb ( which
only a small percentage of the community are able to utilise)

On 31 May 2017 3:32 am, "Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via use-livecode" <
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> mark Waddington wrote:
>     We've also been looking at how to abstract the FFI work we've done as
>     part of the Infinite LiveCode campaign to allow LCB to bind to
>     JavaScript
>     APIs (which will allow greater type fidelity than is possible using
>     'do as javascript' from LCS).
> BR:
> I don't understand the above well enough to know if this is even related…
> but the need has not gone away. At the risk of "going on and on again"
> about this again.
> What I would find much more useful (may it is just me) is to get the
> javascript of the html5 code running in a browser widget to be a "member in
> good standing" of LC message hierarchy inside an LC build (not the other
> way around)
> I can get any number of developers from around the planet to build any
> kind of "HTML5" thing for our web site and it would run faster (no
> emscripten download required), be better designed in the long run than some
> "transform" of a Livecode stack to HTML5.
> At least in my universe, use cases for pushing LC apps to HTML5 in the
> browser are very few. For us here, and I would think for a "legion" of
> developers who are vested first in the LC app platform and html5 second,
> what we need is for the run time, synchronous communications between the JS
> in the browser widget and the LS message path.
> What I *really* want is to leverage the web kit graphics engine so that we
> look at the HTML5 Canvas/JS like some kind of "media toolbox" for building
> content. So, like Photoshop just offered today tutorials on building
> animated gifs, which we can then obviously use in LC. Similarly I want
> HTML5 "kids" working for me to build content that I can turn around and
> then running inside Livecode with the LC scripts and the JS "talking to
> each other" intelligently and in a timely way. (javascript calls a
> function, LC hears this and returns the data, JS proceeds… even simple
> things like someone does something in the browser widget… data is then
> saved by the LC back end script to SqlLite Dbase and returns a "success"
>  like a kind of "dispatch" call from the JS to the LC scripts that wrap the
> widget.
> Jonathan runs Google earth "for God sake" in a browser widget.  Another
> man on our team created an app using ionic/angular that is now on the
> stores. Just for "kicks" I extract the core and it ran perfectly inside a
> LC stack/Browser Widget. But… I can't get that to talk to LC… except with
> the primitive calls we now have.
> then, for $35.00 someone who is a JS jockey can write some cool animation
> in HYPE and and I can drop this into
> myapp
>   mainstack.livecode
>    /animations
>         /hype-html5-animation
> and run the latter inside the mainstack.
> We have discussed this at length before and HH and Jonathan are way ahead
> of me on these initiatives. My query on the business channel resulted in
> $7,000.00 price tag to get that job done, $13,000.00 if we wanted robust
> error checking included.  I realize to some of us here that may seem like a
> lot, but I can respect the hours-to-get-it-done-must-be-covered
> requirements. I had hope we might get a "kick starter" going with a number
> of us kicking in some $  for this… I could probably get permission to spend
> from our shoe string budgets:  $1,500 at least… but no one else here
> responded. So I guess My idea that others could use this was a "fantasy" ??
> Does this relate at all to " LCB to bind to  JavaScript APIs" ?
> Brahmanathaswami
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