HTML5 deployment: progress comes into sight

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue May 30 22:31:55 EDT 2017

mark Waddington wrote:

    We've also been looking at how to abstract the FFI work we've done as
    part of the Infinite LiveCode campaign to allow LCB to bind to 
    APIs (which will allow greater type fidelity than is possible using
    'do as javascript' from LCS).


I don't understand the above well enough to know if this is even related… but the need has not gone away. At the risk of "going on and on again" about this again.

What I would find much more useful (may it is just me) is to get the javascript of the html5 code running in a browser widget to be a "member in good standing" of LC message hierarchy inside an LC build (not the other way around) 

I can get any number of developers from around the planet to build any kind of "HTML5" thing for our web site and it would run faster (no emscripten download required), be better designed in the long run than some "transform" of a Livecode stack to HTML5.

At least in my universe, use cases for pushing LC apps to HTML5 in the browser are very few. For us here, and I would think for a "legion" of developers who are vested first in the LC app platform and html5 second, what we need is for the run time, synchronous communications between the JS in the browser widget and the LS message path.

What I *really* want is to leverage the web kit graphics engine so that we look at the HTML5 Canvas/JS like some kind of "media toolbox" for building content. So, like Photoshop just offered today tutorials on building animated gifs, which we can then obviously use in LC. Similarly I want HTML5 "kids" working for me to build content that I can turn around and then running inside Livecode with the LC scripts and the JS "talking to each other" intelligently and in a timely way. (javascript calls a function, LC hears this and returns the data, JS proceeds… even simple things like someone does something in the browser widget… data is then saved by the LC back end script to SqlLite Dbase and returns a "success"   like a kind of "dispatch" call from the JS to the LC scripts that wrap the widget.

Jonathan runs Google earth "for God sake" in a browser widget.  Another man on our team created an app using ionic/angular that is now on the stores. Just for "kicks" I extract the core and it ran perfectly inside a LC stack/Browser Widget. But… I can't get that to talk to LC… except with the primitive calls we now have.

then, for $35.00 someone who is a JS jockey can write some cool animation in HYPE and and I can drop this into


and run the latter inside the mainstack.

We have discussed this at length before and HH and Jonathan are way ahead of me on these initiatives. My query on the business channel resulted in $7,000.00 price tag to get that job done, $13,000.00 if we wanted robust error checking included.  I realize to some of us here that may seem like a lot, but I can respect the hours-to-get-it-done-must-be-covered requirements. I had hope we might get a "kick starter" going with a number of us kicking in some $  for this… I could probably get permission to spend from our shoe string budgets:  $1,500 at least… but no one else here responded. So I guess My idea that others could use this was a "fantasy" ??

Does this relate at all to " LCB to bind to  JavaScript APIs" ?


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