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On 5/23/17 10:36 AM, Matt Maier via use-livecode wrote:
> I want to find out which parts of my code are making changes to a control's
> parameter. Specifically, I've got an arrow that I want to be black, and it
> is black when it's created, but then it turns gray. I can't find the script
> that's turning it gray.
> I don't know where to put a breakpoint in the script.
> Can I put a breakpoint on that control's color parameter, so execution
> stops whenever something modifies it and goes to the script that's doing
> the modification?

You can't break for a parameter per se, only at a specified line of 
script. (There are ways to break when certain variables change but 
that's different.) What I'd do is use the Find and Replaced dialog in 
the Edit menu to search for a relevant term. If you are using the color 
constant "gray" then search for that, otherwise search for the RGB 
value. Set the checkboxes to search only the scripts.

You'll get a list of all script references to the color and you can 
either break at those lines, or just look at them to see which ones are 
making the change.

You could also do a script search for the control's name and check every 
instance of that.

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