Words that must not be spoken

James Hurley jhurley0305 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 3 11:21:35 EST 2013

Hi Bill,

I think you are right about this being a LiveCode issue, but perhaps only with the new Mac OS 10.9.

revSpeak works well with other versions of Mac OS and MS Word text.

Here is a test if anyone wants to test for themselves:

on mouseUp
   put “revsSpeak no longer works of Word’s curly quotes and  apostrophes." into tText
   put tText into tGood
   replace "'" with numToChar(213) in tText--Word's apostrophe
   put tText into tBad
   revSpeak tGoodText
   wait until revIsSpeaking() is false
   revSpeak tBadText —This doesn’t work for me in Mac OS 10.9
end mouseUP

And here is code that will clean MS Word text of the offending characters and allow revSpeak to function in 10.9

on mouseUp
   put field 1 into tText --Field 1 contains text that was copied from a MS Word document.
   put numToChar(213) into tApostrophe
   put numToChar(210) into tQuote1
   put numToChar(211) into tQuote2
   put numToChar(34) into tQuote
   replace tApostrophe with "'"  in tText
   replace tQuote1 with tQuote in tText —Surprisingly LC's "Quote" doesn't seem to work, only char 34.
   replace tQuote2 with tQuote in tText
   put tText into field 1 — Field 1 can now be spoken.
end mouseUp


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> Jim,
> I just confirmed this. This happens with the ?curly? quotes and apostrophe characters. The non curly ones work.
> Since Text Edit and the system itself can do it correctly I suspect this is a LiveCode issue not a System Preference setting.
> For now you could add a routine that replaces the curly quotes, etc. with non curly ones and your proofreading work work again.
> Bill Vlahos
> On Dec 2, 2013, at 6:33 AM, Jim Hurley <jhurley0305 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>> I have just moved over to a Macbook Air running OS X 10.9
>> I have a utility that I have long used for proofreading. I click on a word of text, and RR begins to read from that point on. (Great for distinguishing between references to the  "Public Defender" or the  "Pubic Defender.")
>> It has run well in all versions of LC, but now balks at any text containing an apostrophe or quote and perhaps other characters that I haven't yet explored. It won't even *begin* to speak text containing these characters. But it will speak that same text if I remove just those offending characters. 
>> Is there a language setting in the Mac preferences that I need to change to make the text agreeable to revspeak?
>> Thanks,
>> Jim

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