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Not to forget we as a generation had blackboards, the alphabet taped to the
wall above the blackboard, text books that were used for several years and
most importantly teachers that would crack us on the back of the head with a
ruler if we turned around and talked disrupting the class. And last but not
least...School budgets that did not spend $20,000 per student.

The result....

We invented all this stuff the world uses today.
Not too shabby for old school(pun intended).

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I'm not a teacher, nor involved in education in any way so take what I have
to say with a pinch of salt.

A recent analysis over here in California found that it was around 4 times
as expensive for a classroom to use iPads and electronic versions of text
books as it was to continue using hard copy text books.  The costs were
measured over a 6 year period to take account of new editions of the text
books and the life span of an iPad and I believe the analysis was done for
high school level classes.

I'd be prepared to accept the extra cost if it was accompanied by a greater
than 4-fold improvement in educational quality but there seems to be
precious little evidence that the use of iPads produces any increase in
educational quality.  This is all related to general education classes, not
computer science classes.

Of course, you can find studies to prove/disprove just about anything you
want these days.  For those interested, you might want to read the book
"Wrong" by David H. Freedman.  A fascinating account of why an alarmingly
high number of studies carried out by experts come to completely wrong


On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 9:20 AM, Bob Earp <rjearp at> wrote:

> I say that we will see a change in current attitudes as I am encouraged by
> Apple's new education support with iBooks2, iBooks Author, and iTunesU.
>  Just the fact of offering text books at a fraction of their hard copy
> price will quickly sway teachers into encouraging downloads, not to
> keeping the books current and all of the other goodies.  And academia
> the tools in iTunesU will put pressure on IT people to deliver an
> infrastructure that support such.

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