Difficulty with Reply Size To The List

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Sun Mar 25 15:14:59 EDT 2012

Hi Roger,

Make sure to reply in plain text rather then RTF text. See the format menu for this. I always read and write all my e-mail in plain text. You can set the default message format to plain text in the Composing tab of the Mail preferences window.

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On 25 mrt 2012, at 20:23, Roger Guay wrote:

> I am using a Mac and Mail for my email stuff. Often when I reply to posts on this list with as little as 1 or 2 lower quote levels, I get a reply from use-livecode-bounces for exceeding the size limit of 15 KB. Such is the case with a reply I was trying to make today to Thomas McGrath III and Tim Jones re "Calling ALL SETI Enthusiasts". Is this normal or am I missing something? There are often, what appear much larger files, appearing on the list!
> Thanks and cheers,
> Roger

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