Bug in custom fonts on iOS?

Ken Corey ken at kencorey.com
Fri Mar 23 15:38:20 EDT 2012

Hi All,

I was wanting to add a little nicety to my iOS app, so I used three fonts:

Myriad Pro Regular.ttf
Myriad Pro Bold condensed.ttf
Myriad Pro Italic.ttf

So, I duly copied the files into the Copy Files pane of the Standalone 
Settings dialog, and then tried to run on the simulator.

No joy.  Only one of the fonts would appear.

After a bit of searching, I found David William's lesson about fonts on 
the runrev web site.  When I downloaded it, installed the fonts, and ran 
it on the iPad simulator, sure enough, only one of the fonts was listed: 
Myriad Pro (though Myriad Pro Cond was displayed in the window).

Doing a 'Get Info' for those fonts, they all come up with names like this:

Myriad Pro-Cond
Myriad Pro-Bold
Myriad Pro-Italic

Using my calibrated eye, the hyphen between 'Myriad Pro' and 'Cond' 
looks like an em-dash.  Could that break things?

Has anyone else seen this problem?  (bonus: anyone have a work around?)


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