Multi-Page Printing Strategy?

Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Aug 29 00:25:03 EDT 2010

I'm wondering if someone more versed in printing than I can offer a
suggestion for printing multiple pages from a stack where the card content
is dynamically created.

The stack is essentially a bare bones PowerPoint-like app that creates
custom charts and text-only "slides".  Only one card is used for the display
of all content -- groups are hidden and shown as needed when viewing a
slideshow, and field/chart contents are populated on-the-fly.

I can write a routine to to tell the app to automatically create each slide,
but I don't know if I should try to print directly from the main display
stack, or copy card elements out to an offscreen stack and print from there.
The display stack can fit standard paper size, so there's no
resizing/reformatting issue to deal with there.

Could this be as straightforward as the following?

open printing
<generate slide 1>
print this cd
<generate slide 2>
print this cd
close printing

Also, what is the proper method for centering content on a printed page?  I
see Rev provides printRectangle and printPaperRectangle properties, but I
can't tell from their descriptions what I would use to center stack content
within the live area of a printed page.

Thanks for any advice/suggestions.

Best Regards,

Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, UX Design

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