Menu button with different fonts in label and menu?

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Sending mouseup to a pulldown menu does not make the menu appear. Using popup on a pulldown menu messes up the appearance of the button. This is on an older version or Rev that I use at work.

If you disable a field, you can click through it - but the text in the disabled field will be grey.

Thanks, though - do you have any other suggestions? I think I am going to have to resort to using a substack for the menuitems of that button.


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When you say graying out the text, have you set the blendLevel of the field 
to some number, like 50? If so, you can see the underlying object, but the 
text is grayed. Try setting the "transparent" of the field instead. Then the 
text remains sharp, and only the white space is removed.

As for letting messages through, I think you will have to script this, 
sending a mouseUp to the object of interest explicitly. The lockText of the 
field should be set to "true".

Craig Newman
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