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The easiest way is to zip the application bundle and store the zip file in a custom property. If you don't want that, you'll need to write a recursive script that finds all files in the bundle. You could store all files in an array variable and store the array in a custom property. You will need to store not only the file data, but also the relative location of each file inside the bundle. You might need to check for resource forks as well. I follow this procedure to allow the Installer Maker plug-in to store files and it works fine.

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On 25 aug 2010, at 03:25, ron barber wrote:

> Greetings,
> What is the procedure of getting a Rev standalone Mac app (bundle)
> into a custom property?
> I can get the component files within the bundle, I can copy files and
> folders but I can't seem to find the magic words for getting the
> bundle into a cprop.
> Thanks
> Ron

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