Mac app to cprop

ron barber runrevron at
Tue Aug 24 22:57:34 EDT 2010

Mark, Brian,

Thanks for the quick and helpful replies. I searched my notes for
these and could not find them so I appreciate the help.


On Aug 25, 2010, at 10:54 AM, Brian Yennie wrote:

One option would be to use shell() to tar + zip the file.

Something like:

get shell("tar -czf MyApplication.tgz")
put url ("binfile:MyApplication.tgz") into the tCustomProperty of this stack
put the tCustomPropery of this stack into url ("binfile:MyApplication.tgz")
get shell("tar -xzf MyApplication.tgz")

What is the procedure of getting a Rev standalone Mac app (bundle)
into a custom property?

I can get the component files within the bundle, I can copy files and
folders but I can't seem to find the magic words for getting the
bundle into a cprop.


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