Conversion of large Hypercard Stack to Revolution

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Sun Aug 15 11:16:35 EDT 2010

We've done a lot of large HC to Rev conversions and have run into the  
same problem.
1. Make sure the original HC stack has been compacted, several times
2. Strip all NULLs before import. These can get into the data if a  
user has pasted text into the HC fields from Word or some other  
programs. It appears that Rev removes all data between the NULLs.
3. Don't use Rev cards for a large number of records, it just won't  
handle the information in this format as well as HC did. Move to a  
database - or use a text file for the data.
4. Put in some wait states ("wait 0 seconds") in your import routine  
to let the computer "catch up" and finish processing current  
information before continuing.
5. Don't try to view the information in a Rev field. This will  
truncate any information beyond approx 64,000 characters in a line.  
If you view it in a field and then put the field back into the DB,  
all of the truncated info will be lost.
Paul Looney

On Aug 15, 2010, at 1:36 AM, Richard Holton Pierce wrote:

> I am not a professional programmer but had worked with Hypercard  
> from its inception, and went over to Revolution as soon as I became  
> aware of its existence.
> I have been able to convert most of my stacks flawlessly, with one  
> exception. In the late 1990s I produced a stack for a research  
> project in Russian which contained 119,000 cards (sic!). It has  
> become necessary to reactivate this stack, and to convert it to  
> Revolution Enterprise 4.5 I have followed the prescribed Revolution  
> procedure. After conversion, all the functions I had built into the  
> stack work as they should, but the converted stack contains only  
> 28,005 cards.
> Is there a built-in limit on how many cards a conversion can  
> accommodate?
> Is there a work-around?
> Any advice appreciated.
> Hopefully,
> Richard Pierce
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