Trouble Setting Cookies

Gregory Lypny gregory.lypny at
Sat Aug 14 19:26:04 EDT 2010

Thank you, Andre,

That's very kind of you.

Go to

This page has a one-button form that sets a cookie by calling a script called sSetCookie.irev.  The cookie's name is testCookie and it's value is 666.  Here is the script.

put "Set-Cookie:" && "testCookie" & "=" & 666 & ";path=/" into theCookie
put new header theCookie

put url ("file:cookieResult.html") into thePage

put "Done."  && the long date && the long time into theMessage
replace "{message}" with theMessage in thePage
put thePage

Clicking the button takes you to  -- (cookieResult.html)

This is the page you will land on if the script in 1 above ran.  It has a button that will load another page that calls a script to show what you what cookies you have from the on-rev server.  The page uses an include statement in an HTML object to invoke the following script:

put $_SERVER["HTTP_COOKIE"] into theCookies
put theCookies

Thanks again for having a look,


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> Gregory,
> If possible, send me the url for the offending page, let me look at the
> headers. cookies are annoying believe me.
> For example, I think you might need a space between the colon and the cookie
> key name...
> (an && instead of &)
> Andre

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