Conversion of large Hypercard Stack to Revolution

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Aug 15 12:13:47 CDT 2010

On 8/15/10 4:06 AM, Jim Ault wrote:
> I would recommend doing some sort of audit trail on the two versions,
> such as
> Version running in Hypercard:
> repeat with x = 1 to the number of cards
> go card x
> put the short id of this card & "^" & the name of this card & cr after
> masterList
> end repeat
> put the number of lines in masterList into cardCount
> put the short date && the short time & cr before masterList
> put "Master List of Card Details - " & cardCount & cr before masterList
> put masterList into url ("file:CardIdAndNameList.txt")

Just for the record, the "put into url" syntax isn't supported by HC, 
you have to do the open/read/write file dance.

But in this case I wouldn't even try converting the stack, it's just too 
big. Instead I'd export all the data to text files from within HC. Then 
I'd make a new mainstack in Rev and see if I could import.

Or, you can make a one-card version of your stack in HC by saving the 
original as a copy using the current background. Then try importing that 
into Rev. A one-card stack will import fine.

But with that many cards I wouldn't recommend importing at all, the 
stack will not function very smoothly. I'd move the data to outside 
storage (files or database) and read in whatever is needed dynamically.
In general, because the whole stack needs to load into RAM, Rev stacks 
shouldn't really contain more than a few thousand cards for optimal 
performance. How many a "few" is will depend on how much data each card 
contains and how many objects. A rough rule-of-thumb figure is around 
5,000 cards.

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