too many fields, too many cards?

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Thu Nov 30 15:24:19 EST 2006

Thanks to all on this thread. What would I do without you guys?

Comments are all constructive and sensible. I think I might have even  
understood them all!

The tentative plan, for my stacks, is not to fix them because they  
don't seem broke.



On Nov 29, 2006, at 8:22 PM, Jim Ault wrote:

> On 11/29/06 5:48 PM, "Timothy Miller"  
> <gandalf at>
> wrote:
>> Have I understood the general idea here? Am I overlooking anything
>> fundamental? Is it reasonable to leave well enough alone, as long as
>> I can find stuff in stacks this large, when I need to?
> As an ex-HCard programmer I can say you got the idea and I would  
> stay just
> as you are.
> On advantage you have is the medical history is not changed or  
> rewritten, so
> most of your modifications simply add to the data stored.


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