Dodgy Scrollbars

Mark Smith mark at
Wed Nov 29 22:35:42 EST 2006

Has anyone encountered this?

Create a blank stack.

Drag a scrollbar onto it

Set it's orientation to vertical.

set it's width to 13 (narrow).

When I click and hold the white (lower) portion of the sb, the thumb  
pages down to the bottom as it should.
Now, when I click and hold the white (upper) portion, the thumb pages  
up once, and then stops.

Set it's width to 16 (wide) and the problem disappears, set it back  
to 13 and the problem reappears.

This seems completely reproducible on my set-up, (Studio 2.7.4, Mac  
G4 PB OS 10.4.7), so I've bugzilla'd it :

No: 4156



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