Rev_rant part 4

Dave dave at
Wed Nov 15 09:15:32 EST 2006

On 15 Nov 2006, at 13:29, Bernard Devlin wrote:

> Dave said:
> >>
> I can't believe you called me pessimistic! I find this post to very
> pessimistic basically saying it's a toy, don't try to make it
> mainstream, give up now cos it will never happen!
> <<
> Please don't put words in my mouth.  I didn't call you pessimistic,  
> and I didn't say Rev was a toy.  I'm making Rev a fundamental part  
> of my business - of course I don't think it's a toy.
> I said you cannot expect Rev to have the kind of mindshare or  
> widespread use of Javascript,Perl or even Applescript.  Applescript  
> is right there on the desktop as a development tool on millions of  
> Macs. You can buy umpteen books on it on Amazon, and several video  
> training cds also on Amazon; you can get training courses by many  
> different providers in different continents (including Apple  
> itself).  Many other Mac products expose Applescript functionality,  
> serving to further increase awareness of it.  Yet Applescript  
> itself is hardly mainstream.   A search on Jobserve for jobs  
> requiring particular languages results in this: applescript =  
> 2,ruby = 34, php = 426, perl = 676 javascript = 1109, visual basic  
> = 1563, java = 3657.

Exactly! Since you can better control AppleScript, JavaScript/  etc.  
from RunRev than (say) RealBasic you can sell into that market as an  
add-on which is what I am doing in some cases. If you do it right you  
will get a user base of your product corresponding to the user base  
of the other technology (e.g. 2% of AppleScript , 3% of JavaScript  
> Given those figures, how do you propose within 20 years to make Rev  
> into a mainstream language (say, on the level of Perl, to take  
> something that is not at either end of that list of vacancies)?

I'd fix all known bugs in a new release and then promptly fix any  
that come up in the future and offer free updates for at least a  
year, and a deal on an upgrade for 2 years.

I'd then promote it the same manner they do now.

All the Best

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