RevCon - How To Increase Rev Profile

Dave dave at
Fri Nov 10 05:58:55 EST 2006


I can't help seeing their point, from a recent post to the list by  

Anyway, I really hope that some bugs get fixed soon and the IDE is  
over hauled. The sad reality is that in the last 2 months I could  
have sold 2 studio licenses (That's 2 licenses + 1 extra platform,  
Mac and Windows (4 total)), however the policy of charging for  
updates and the fact that 2.7.x is really buggy stopped the sales. I  
would also have purchased one Mac License for 2.7.4 for myself, so  
that's a total of 5 licenses lost.

Can you honestly say that there is a better way to "increase Rev  
Profile" than to:

A) Maybe, just maybe, getting bugs fixed would do the trick.
Happier developers not hampered by the environment, less likely to  
move to another environment and releasing more software (ie: more  

which in turn would lead to:

B) Selling more copies and having more pleased customers.

Anything else is just "hype".

All the Best

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>> Adrian
> Guys, you've gotta lighten up a little:-)

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