UDP question

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Fri Nov 10 11:09:41 EST 2006


I had a similar problem when I tried to broadcast over UDP. I wanted  
a client to broadcast and a server to reply. AFAIK Revolution cannot  
do that. I solved it by having the server open a new connection to  
the client. Since you're sure that the client will reply, this can be  
a normal connection, which allows you to keep the connection open as  
long as necessary.




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Op 10-nov-2006, om 16:50 heeft Andre Garzia het volgende geschreven:

> Folks,
> I have two stacks, one is a udp server stack and the other is a  
> client stack. The server is setup to use the newPacket callback  
> message when a datagram arrives. The client will write to the  
> server then it will read from the socket to see if there was any  
> answer.
> The client is able to write to the server fine, the datagrams  
> arrive nicelly. The server is not able to answer back, no error is  
> reported by the write to socket message but nothing is returned to  
> the server, the read from socket message after the write to socket  
> on the client returns empty. I've sent more than 1k packets, they  
> could not be all droped since on one way it all works fine but on  
> the other way they simply don't work.
> Am I doing something really stupid?
> My packet size is 576 chars, I've also used 8k and 2k sizes, the  
> client is able to send those fine and they arrive intact, but from  
> server to the client I can't seem able to communicate.
> thanks in advance, udp is kinda new to me.
> andre
> PS: Mac OS X here, rev 2.7.5.

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