UDP question

Andre Garzia soapdog at mac.com
Fri Nov 10 10:50:48 EST 2006


I have two stacks, one is a udp server stack and the other is a  
client stack. The server is setup to use the newPacket callback  
message when a datagram arrives. The client will write to the server  
then it will read from the socket to see if there was any answer.

The client is able to write to the server fine, the datagrams arrive  
nicelly. The server is not able to answer back, no error is reported  
by the write to socket message but nothing is returned to the server,  
the read from socket message after the write to socket on the client  
returns empty. I've sent more than 1k packets, they could not be all  
droped since on one way it all works fine but on the other way they  
simply don't work.

Am I doing something really stupid?

My packet size is 576 chars, I've also used 8k and 2k sizes, the  
client is able to send those fine and they arrive intact, but from  
server to the client I can't seem able to communicate.

thanks in advance, udp is kinda new to me.

PS: Mac OS X here, rev 2.7.5.

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