Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Nov 7 11:43:12 EST 2006

Luis wrote:

> To clarify, just in case, the lower portion of my response was addressed 
> to RunRev.
>> And, when elaborating a point for which you have no control is an 
>> especially telling consequence of an inability to be forthcoming with 
>> the facts. Just a thought.

You know, I resent this on a personal level. You're new here, so I'll 
explain my role. I subcontract to Runtime to work in their tech support 
queue a couple of hours every morning. That's why I have a Runtime 
signature under my tech support replies, and my own signature on this 
list. I do not get paid to participate here, I do it because I love this 
product, and because I come from a HyperCard background where the 
community was selfless in sharing knowledge. So, as you can see, I wear 
two hats. I do not represent Runtime officially, even though many people 
associate me with them. What I am about to say comes from me as Jacque 
at HyperActive Software, not as a representative of Runtime.

Now then. I spend every morning in the tech queue. If there is a 
question in there, I answer it. We promise a 2-day response time, but it 
is very rare that I put off a question longer than the few minutes it 
takes me to read it. In some cases I need to get more info from a team 
member. If that happens, it does take longer. I have never, ever ignored 
a question. Ever. I resent you implying that I do. As a matter of fact, 
it makes me quite angry.

If someone does not get an answer, it is because we did not see it. 
Period. There are a couple of reasons that can happen, and I've outlined 
them. There was also a time a couple of years ago where Runtime did not 
have an official support system, and mail did get lost. As soon as that 
became apparent, they set up a formal support network that is quite capable.

I very much resent you implying that somehow I am shirking my 
responsibility. Or that Runtime doesn't care about the customer base. Or 
that somehow, for some reason, this little company has decided to ignore 
their customers for some unknown reason that will ultimately harm them 
in the long run. Why in the world would they do that? Don't you think 
they want to succeed?

Please note once again that I am posting this as myself, without 
authorization from Runtime, and representing only my own human point of 
view. But I *do* work for them every morning and I never neglect 
anything that shows up in my queue. And while you can criticize Runtime 
all you want, I think you owe me an apology.

Ask anyone here what I have contributed to this community and then tell 
me I don't care.

Jacqueline Landman Gay         |     jacque at
HyperActive Software           |

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