How Else to Interact with Browser (was Re:RevolutionWebBrowserPlugin)

Luis luis at
Tue Nov 7 10:37:42 EST 2006

Marielle Lange wrote:
>> And that Forum... That's got to be the sadest Forum I've ever seen. 
>> Any newbie hitting that would surely be put off.
> [...]
>> Didn't see that one. And I can't, not a member of the forum...
> Uh? What is your first comment based on if you never had a chance to see 
> these forums?

The forum posting you referred to requires membership of the forum. I am 
not a member of the forum, therefore I cannot see the posting.
The forum frontend ( is available for any 
passerby to see, and it is a very quiet place... Hence the 'sadest Forum 
I've seen' comment.

> Based on what you said over the last days, I wonder if you would not 
> find processing better suiting your needs than revolution 
> <>

Been there some time ago.

> 1. Open source

Open source is a non-issue for me (the back end is Java, I'm not sure 
'open source' really applies here).

> 2. You code one and can generate an application or run within a browser

Yup, seen that, and some really nifty apps out there.

> 3. Now, you can also, with the same code, generate a version that runs 
> on mobile devices <>

Been there.

> 4. You have various libraries that let you manipulate 3D objects 
> (openGL) - <>

Yep, and they've recently introduced some additional vector stuff too.

> Marielle

I'm evaluating several development options, some of which track 
differently because the nature of some projects doesn't require full 
blown coding which is easily covered by other apps. Other projects do 
have that requirement, and I'm looking at least cost (both in software 
and development time) and then plough through with whatever options I 
have chosen.



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