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Wed Dec 7 01:19:45 EST 2005

Recently, liamlambert wrote:

> I would like to add a VU METER  to the project.
> Meters which monitor audio levels are typically one of two varieties:
> VU (Volume Unit) or PPM (Peak Program Meters). Though both perform
> the same function, they accomplish the function in very different
> manners. A VU meter displays the average volume level of an audio
> signal. A PPM displays the peak volume level of an audio signal.
> Analogy: The average height of the Himalayan Mountains is 18,000 feet
> (VU), but Mt. Everest's peak is 29,000+ feet
> Has anyone got any idea how to go about this is this possible.

Hi Liam:

I know one way to do audio meters which requires the use of a player object
and Trevor DeVore's Enhanced QuickTime external.  If I remember correctly it
may only provide 100 units of granularity but measures left and right
channels separately.  If you think this would work for you, I can try to put
a sample together, but otherwise, you may need to look for someone to build
an external.


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