Need to search the web (was: An unsolicited message on my Rev address)

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Wed Dec 7 07:05:37 EST 2005

On 12/6/05, Eric Chatonet <eric.chatonet at> wrote:
> Hi Kay,
> The Answer dialog is a modal window: this means that you can't do
> anything else than validate an option.
> In your case, you have to build the window by yourself in order to
> present options and choices in the *same* window :-)
> Not too difficult...
> Just study correctly your layout ;-)

Yes, I had thought about that but it means I loose control - or create a
bigger scripting headache trying to prevent the user doing anything else
other than press a button. With the repeat loop and answer dialog, as you
say, they must validate an option, which is exactly what I want; I only want
to allow then to do other things, like quit, at certain key points.

Strangely, after setting my systemWindow to true I discovered that in this
case the answer dialog does NOT prevent scrolling of my field. You can't
interact with the IDE or any other open stack but all the normal messages
(mouseUp/Down, menuPick ...) are sent to your 'systemWindow = true' stack
including it's menubar.

Now I have the perfect solution, net search data presented just the way I
want and a repeat loop that ensures that a complete log file is scanned.

Thanks again for your input:-)

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