Oneway resizable windows (now fixed)

Mark MacKenzie m.mackenzie at
Sat Sep 11 11:18:03 EDT 2004

After reinstalling Rev to no avail and creating test projects each of 
which wouldn't allow vertical resizing greater than a total of about 25 
lines, this began to extend to Rev tool stacks such as the application 

One more stab at it was to create a new stack which exhibited all the 
horrible resize crankiness.  Again I set and reset the stack resize 
property and the live resizing, etc.  Then out of desperation I added 
from the object library the windows window resize widget and played with 
it.  Saved the stack.  Quit Rev.  Started Rev. created a new stack and 
realized that all tool and script windows plus the new stack were mouse 
resizeable within the development environment.  Hooray!!

Now what went wrong originally?  I didn't script anything to do that or 
play with any controls except to reset Rev. preferences to their default.

Go figure.

However, for those that find themselves in a similar pickle for now try 
creating a new project and adding the resize window control widget, 
save, quit and reopen.

Mark MacKenzie

Mark MacKenzie wrote:

> Using the new rev 2.5  when I open an object's script and first mouse 
> touch the script window it jumps and resizes.  If the original script 
> window was larger than a certain size, it resizes automatically to 
> this new smaller size.  I can change the width but no the max height 
> of the script window.  It now has a maximum vertical height of perhaps 
> 25 lines of script.  I can resize it vertically shorter but not longer 
> even when the script contained is much taller and I have to use the 
> scroll bar to see the entire script.
> snip

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