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>> Interesting.  Anyone know if getting this error will preclude data
>> being returned from the https connection?  For example, I can imagine
>> having a web server where I didn't bother getting a Verisign (or
>> other) certificate, but I still wanted to get and put data over an
>> https connection.
>> -- Frank
> Frank,
> Unfortunately unless you have  certificate from someone such as
> GeoTrust or Verisign or Thawte (Now owned by Verisign)
> I doubt that the connection will work properly.
> Good luck anyway!
> Rick Harrison


I'm pretty sure that's not true -- you can run an https server without 
a certificate from Verisign, et al.  And I've definitely gone to 
websites where my browser tells me that there is not a valid 
certificate and asks "would you like to visit the site anyway?"

Anyway, the reason I piped up is I can imagine running my own https 
server (without buying a certificate from Verisign) and having my 
application contact that server over https.  *I* know the server is 
valid, even though it doesn't have a certificate, and I want my app to 
be able to make the connection without RunRev telling me I can't (or 
shouldn't, or whatever that error message means).

Can anyone at RunRev confirm whether the SSL functions will make a 
connection if a valid certificate doesn't exist?

-- Frank

p.s. I'm cross-posting this to the improve-revolution list...

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