Serial communication

Troy Rollins troy at
Sat Dec 1 00:41:47 EST 2001

John  wrote:

> I have been informed that you CAN talk to serial ports from Linux by
> starting an external port process, and then passing data from the process
> back to Rev. This is my intended path for accomplishing it, but I've yet to
> get to the stage of my program where I have tried it.
> When accomplish this it might be of interest to others on the list also - will
> you let us (or at least me) know when you work it out.  Perhaps a user
> contributed stack on the Revolution site?  I think it would make a nice
> contributions that others could use.  If it works with Linux perhaps it would
> work with OS X.....

I'll certainly consider it John. I do have several tasks in front of this
one right now. If I haven't heard of anyone else making strides on this when
I get to it, I'll let you know. OR, very likely you'll notice my "what the
hell am I supposed to do now?" posts on this list anyway... ;)


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