LC & Catalina; macOS 10.15.x; Xcode 11.3.x; iOS 13.3.x support ???

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Mar 12 14:16:22 EDT 2020

hh wrote:
 >> Bob S. wrote:
 >> I was not aware we had such freedoms on this list! For instance, if I
 >> begin to speak of fermented dairy products, I will certainly be
 >> censured!
 >> And well I should be!!!
 > I wonder why you want to speak of fermented dairy products in order to
 > express whether you are contented with LC or not.

It's a very old community in-joke:

A good many years ago (more than a decade?) a thread that became 
contentious morphed into a very long discussion of cheese preferences, 
which soon became even more contentious (I leaned more about the 
passionate cheese preferences of my colleagues than I'd ever imagined).

It went on for so many days Heather eventually stepped in and kindly 
asked us to please stop the cheese conversation so those interested in 
LiveCode could have more LC and less cheese filling their In Boxes.

In the years since, "cheese" has become a comical shorthand for any 
longish thread not related to using or improving LC, and the only 
expressly verboten topic on this list. :)

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