LC & Catalina; macOS 10.15.x; Xcode 11.3.x; iOS 13.3.x support ???

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Mar 12 14:09:50 EDT 2020

Bob Sneidar wrote:

 > I was not aware we had such freedoms on this list! For instance, if I
 > begin to speak of fermented dairy products, I will certainly be
 > censured! And well I should be!!!
 > Also, and seriously, Freedom of Speech is something that is unique to
 > a handful of cultures. It is by no means global.

Freedom of Speech is indeed a wonderful thing, but does not apply here: 
this list is a privately-owned communications channel that doesn't 
receive any funding from the US federal government.

Yet despite no legal requirement to do so, the spirit of that freedom 
seems well embraced by the owners of this list, with unusually light 

And like all good freedoms this one is enjoyed equally, so even folks 
who have good experiences with LiveCode or seek ways issues can become 
actionable are allowed to speak their mind as well.

Just no cheese, please. Every community has its boundaries of good taste. :)

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