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J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Mar 12 14:17:47 EDT 2020

On 3/11/20 9:50 PM, Sean Cole (Pi) via use-livecode wrote:
> 9.5.1 and 9.6 dp2 are still exhibiting breakpoint crashes. Not
> as often as before but, still, there are occurrences. And for some very odd
> reason an early sign it's going to become a problem I notice the line
> numbers don't scroll with the script after I've run one with a breakpoint
> that I've then stepped through - you know - so I can do my job and work out
> where bugs are. When I see this I have to close the script editor and
> reopen it to prevent it from crashing altogether - although sometimes it
> gives no warning.
> Next time I see it happening I'll do a screen recording so all can see it
> in it's glory.
> Counter to what Jacque says, it does not 'fix' itself. It persists until it
> gives up. It still crashes occasionally.

I wonder if the crashes are a problem with a different OS (I'm on Mac,) or something about your 
stack. I haven't had any debugging crashes since the fix was implemented.

The misalignment of the script and the red dots was the issue I thought you were talking about. 
I do see that. But if I begin to step through the script (if debugging) it rights itself. Also, 
I just did a quick test and scrolling didn't change the line numbers, so that may also point to 
a difference in the OS the IDE is running on. I know typing can be very slow on Windows but it 
isn't bad on Mac.

A recipe would be useful to the team.

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