Using LiveCode & AppleScript to make mouse selection in another Mac application

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Thu Sep 5 14:37:15 EDT 2019

As the title says...

I had a recollection that it was possible to construct a tool in LiveCode that 
would use AppleScript, System Events, and the accessibility framework to 
perform actions on another (not naturally scriptable) app.

I can do menu items, I can do keystrokes - but can I move the mouse? Or more 
to the point, can I move the mouse to a location, then click and drag to a new 

Automator appears to be able to do this as a recording, which works once as a 
single step - but ever since hangs on playback (amusingly, it moves the mouse 
to the first point and then refuses to let it be moved anywhere else - pulling 
it back if it is - the only escape seems to be to use the keyboard to open a 
terminal and kill Automator).

Did I dream this, or is it possible?



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