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Thanks to you both for your valublue input.

My plan was to use the same design for both using custom button controls vs
native ones.

The app does center around a book, but its not just that...there is a lot
of functionality around it for the student.

I'll try to make sure it looks unique enough to not look like android and
not look like ios :)  That should work.



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> "Call me contrary". but the more I look at the Android UI the more I like
> the principles. I also seems that Apple likes it too. In iOS 13.2 they
> "finally" have a near 100% for delete an app, like Android.
> If you went with Android UI, and use your own icons and widgets,
> a) Apple won't complain,  (it doesn't emulate a "apple app")
> b) I could be under-estimating users need for "ever has the same"
> Though other may object, if you have "real" contents  -- I don't think the
> users will care how it work, as long as it works "well"
> Just my two cents for someone who would rather work on building content,
> than on device alternative UI's.
> BR
> You can get around some of this by using only unique custom icons and
> buttons sometimes. But title bar appearance and control placement are
> pretty much expected. I found this link to be helpful:
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