windows defender issues? & other AV

Alex Tweedly alex at
Sat Jan 19 11:44:32 EST 2019

On 19/01/2019 12:56, R.H. via use-livecode wrote:
> My main stack has 58 cards. The stack has two small sub-stacks also used as
> UI for settings. There is one card dedicated to internal resources (images,
> etc.), two cards are user interface cards, the rest are data cards for a
> technical product and "read-only". The user only sees the UI cards of
> course. The stack script has 1500 lines of code. There are additional maybe
> 1000 lines of card scripts and really only some other scripts in buttons
> (often behaviours), I am not using script-only stacks. The size of the
> stack file is nearly 4 GB, probably mainly because of some technical images.
> Testing the "save" process: I have no error when saving on my machine. It
> is difficult for me to ask clients to test. But they are lazy. I asked
> already.

Would it be easy to move the "technical images" to a separate stack ?

They (presumably) don't change often - so the main stack will be much 
smaller, and should therefore be less likely to cause problems with saves.


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