Purpose of "?

prothero at earthlearningsolutions.org prothero at earthlearningsolutions.org
Sat Jan 19 12:55:56 EST 2019

In this discussion of the use of the merge function at:
The samples use quot; extensively.

For example:
on mouseUp 
   put merge("[[quote]]Foobar[[quote]] [[the short name of \ this      
   stack]]") & return & \ merge("[[the layer of this card]] / 
   [[the short ID \ of me]]") into tVariable 
end mouseUp
This script, as written, throws an error in the SE in LC 9.0.2. Mac OS10.14

What is the meaning of the " in the expression? That seems to be the source an error.

The merge function looks very useful, but I’m obviously missing something.


William Prothero

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