LiveCode Server Mojave

Rick Harrison harrison at
Thu Jan 3 13:30:15 EST 2019

Happy New Year's Greetings to all LiveCoders!

Has anyone upgraded their LiveCode Server
to Mojave yet?

I am in the process and finding it to be
quite the problem as Apple decided
to get rid of their front-end server.

Everything that used to be in the Server
folder now has to be moved to the
Webserver folder.

They published a document in June 2018 <>

I find their documentation to be sadly lacking in proper instruction examples etc.
You would have thought they could have been kind enough to provide a nice
video or two on the subject before yanking everything away from loyal users.

This problem also involves how LiveCode Server should be installed.
Those instructions should also be update as soon as possible.

If some expert LiveCode developer came up with a good solution I would
bet that many people would be willing to pay for such a utility.

Let me know of your experiences or what other solutions you think of.



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