scrCopy BlendMode

Beat Cornaz beatco at
Wed Feb 20 10:40:52 EST 2019

A couple of questions about BlendModes in LC.

1. The 'normal' blendMode is scrCopy (the mode all objects get when they
are created). I can change that blendmode and later put it back to scrCopy
in the Inspector. But setting the ink to scrCopy by script does not work.
I type in the messagebox :

*set the ink of img "DSC03103.jpeg" to scrCopy*

I get the following error :

*Message execution error:*

*Error description: Property: invalid enumeration value*

*Hint: *

Can anyone tell me how to set the blendMode of an image to scrCopy by

2. What happened to the blendModes that do not work either, like :
BlendScr, BlendScrOver, NotSreenAnd and 15 others? Why are they available
in the choices, but do not seem to work (execution error).

3. Where can I find detailed info about the different blend modes. I'm
looking for the math on what they all do.

Kind regards,


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