LC902 and LC901 Hang with Answer (was Crash)

jjs at jjs at
Wed Feb 20 05:32:59 EST 2019

And i double check if i did not turn off messages, sometimes i need to 
double click it to get a good reaction. But that's separate from these 

J. Landman Gay via use-livecode schreef op 2019-02-19 22:30:
> On 2/19/19 3:00 PM, JJS via use-livecode wrote:
>> But just yet i also had a weird issue that it would not post or 
>> receive, restarted LC and worked again
>> it's making me nuts
> Me too. Sometimes I go back to an earlier version of LC for a while if
> I don't need new features. There's no recipe for the problem either,
> it's always something random.

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