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Alain Vezina alain.vezina at logilangue.com
Tue Feb 19 16:36:48 EST 2019

Hi all,

I am using widget browser for the first time and I didn’t find the way to load an HTML file to MyBroswer.
I especially want to use it in HTML5.

I tried set the URL of widget « MyBrowser" to a specific  html page,

I tried set the htmlText  of widget « MyBrowser » to a specific  html page and nothing happens except my Browser becomes  blank white.

These two ways don’t work on Mac or with HTML5, except when I use specialFolderPath to write an HTML page that I load after.

I use LC 9.02

Anybody has an idea to make that work.

I want to transfer my apps from the App Store to HTML because I am fed up with Apple’s rules which change too many times.

Alain Vezina

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