Need crash course in Dropbox library

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at
Fri Feb 15 16:32:29 EST 2019

Hey, pink, thanks for the clarification.
First of all, is there a reason why you are doing it this way instead of
using dropboxUpload?  If you use dropboxUpload you can do it all in one
Gerard's stack explains the process and how to use the various commands
Doing it the way you are doing it, you would start with sessionStart and
then you would repeatedly call sessionAppend
pOffset is the length of what you have already sent because there are no
guarantees that dropbox will get your file stream in order, so if it gets
them out of order and pData isn't the same length for each call to append,
the only way dropbox knows where to put the data it just received is if you
tell it where to put it.
pData should be at most 150mb per call.

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