Random crashes with multiple workspaces

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Feb 14 14:07:03 EST 2019

Linux has long enjoyed a UI element recently added in various ways to 
both macOS and Windows: multiple workspaces, where sets of windows can 
be switched between.

I've found an unfortunate things with LC on Ubuntu 14.04:

I tend to open LC on a workspace other than the default, switching to it 
throughout the day as I go, and switching back to other workspaces for 
email, etc.

Once in a while, I find that when I switch back to the workspace where I 
have LC, the LC app will crash.  When this happens it doesn't invoke the 
OS dialog I see when other apps crash; it's just a silent and quick exit 
in which the windows all close at once and the process dies.

The problem is that this is uncommon. I can go days at a time without 
this happening.  And I've found no common recipe when it does happen 
other than having been working in the LC workspace for a while, and then 
spending some time in another workspace before switching back; it's the 
switching back that seems to trigger it.

Has anyone else seen this, whether on Linux or any other 
workspace-enabled OS?

I'm interested in comparing notes to see if we might pin down a recipe 
worthy of submitting in a bug report.


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