Need crash course in Dropbox library

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Thu Feb 14 16:48:21 EST 2019

sup pink?
Are you using the LC dropbox library or the phx library?
We can do this here or off-list.

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> Sorry for asking like this, but I need a quick tutorial in using the
> dropbox
> library. I have an app that is running on an older Mac with Dropbox, and
> Dropbox is discontinuing support for the OS. (Really it's a long story, but
> the bottom line is that the video processing software runs faster on the
> old
> Mac than it does on newer machines, no idea why)
> The task at hand... I need to upload video files to a folder setup for a
> specified client on Dropbox. The folder may not already exist. The dropbox
> account will always be the same. On average, the files will be 800MB each,
> so I can't use the standard upload, I need to use the upload session, but I
> am really unsure as to how it works.
> Can someone point me towards what i need, or give me an example of how to
> use the upload session commands to upload a large file?
> THanks!
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