Weird LiveCode Plugins Prefs writing problems

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Feb 10 07:48:44 EST 2019

Little story: Yesterday, early the morning, I was on 10.4.2. "Sadly" I thought Navigator would not save preferences.  Went back to work, thinking the IDE has lost some globals, or messages, it crashes for me all the time now, at least once a day.  No point sending in reports, Panos says "cannot reproduce..." 

Besides, two other programs  unrelated, will suddenly "wink out"  I say that, because, you may be doing something else, the application is not experiencing any "user operations". Suddenly it crashes and you get a crash report. It's as if a gremlin in the background is issuing a "Kill process."   Although it also happens in the  IDE, especially when dragging a control from the tool bar onto a stack. I always save, hold my breath now when create a button, drag it the tools pallet  "Oh no! the IDE crashed, again...sigh"  Now, that seems unrelated... but

Not paying much attention update notices. Busy getting work done. I hard to reboot. Ha! big update got installed. OS X 10.4.3 

Now, this  morning Navigator prefs are saved.... Yay! Having done nothing else, one is tempted to say, it was a "mysterious OS thing"

I never had time to investigate... Rick: I'll try Avast


Bill wrote:  So I used diskutility to repair the system drive, then updated the os to 10.14.3. 

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