Mac Desktop App - No Longer Save to the Engine/Resourses Folder?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Feb 10 07:46:16 EST 2019

Right, well it's more than just prefs, "years ago" I actually used the architecture of keep a "document" stack inside the standalone. It transparently saved the users work...

In house, on the LAN, I waffled back and  forth between keeping the "document" stack on a server and calling it with a "loader/splash engine" ...because that was the way to serve production apps to volunteers around the world. It so "neat" they never have to think about upgrades. I may change the engine stack once in two years....

Looks like I will stick with that from now on

 Bob Sneidar wrote:

    As stated in many prior posts, it's better to keep all your custom settings that need to be saved between sessions in a prefs file or a database. Otherwise you set yourself up for a lot of support calls trying to deal with user permissions and sandboxing both now and in the future.

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