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Wed Feb 6 04:41:25 EST 2019

Hi Mark,

I can reproduce it in the LC 9 IDE with the pure stack (no standalone) on my
computer with the same LC 9 version. So neither "Enable Hi-DPI Scaling" or a
relation between windows and an App setting can be taken into account.

But I have made some more tests. The stack, where the screenshot gets
pixeled is from 2017 (probably created with LC 8). The stack, with the nice
screenshot is from 2009 (probably originally created with LC 2 or 4). Now I
have put a "fresh" player object and a fresh image object (from my LC 9.0.2
pallette) onto this old stack and voila, the same corrupted screenshot

Do you see any relation to this? Could it be, that an old player object from
LC 2 or 4 has a hidden option, which handles video data different, even if
it is now used in an LC 9 environment?


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On 2019-02-05 17:06, Tiemo Hollmann TB via use-livecode wrote:
> Hello Hermann,
> that was my first idea also, when a customer came up with this.
> But that doesn't explains, why on my computer two different LC stacks 
> show different results - beside of there is any "hidden" LC option, 
> which interferes with the video card drivers, which I have set 
> differently in my two stacks and don't remember

The only setting I can think of 'Enable Hi-DPI Scaling' in the standalone
settings on the Windows platform tab.

Failing that - have you tried running the two apps in a fresh/new/clean user
account on your machine? (This is to discount that windows has, for some
reason, set some piece of unknown state on a per-app-per-user basis which is
causing the problem).

Warmest Regards,


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