Widget TurnImage89_v100

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Wed Feb 6 13:04:57 EST 2019

> Rick H. wrote:
> A YouTube type video showing the effects, and  some instructional
> examples of how to use the widget would be helpful.

The SAMPLE STACK (which works after installing the widget and then
restarting LiveCode) has a few lines of help and
++ one ordinary widget (the Tiger) for use with it's context menu
++ two examples for using your own images with the widget
++ one example for using two LC-groups (here fields and buttons)
as front and back of the widget (50 lines of script)
++ one advanced example for using the widget by grabbing frames from
a browser video (not from a LC-player which is essentially blocking).

More than half of the code is written for the dictionary (and this
needs a lot of time).

As soon as you have installed the widget from the sample stack you find

(a) Dictionary > API > LiveCode Script > Filter > Associations > hhturn
Find the overview by Dictionary > API > Search: hhturn
The same for my other fat widgets:
boundingbox, hhaclox, hhbclox ,hhdclox, hhcolor, hhdate, hhotext, hhpoly,
hhprogress, hhgrid, hhimage and hhsvgt.

(b) tinyDictionary > LiveCode Builder > hermann.turnimage
The same for my other widgets hermann.X
Find the overview by tinyDictionary > LiveCode Builder > Search: hhturn
or the names hh<x> from (a).

The recommended way to look at one of my widgets is:

1. Install the widget from the sample stack, then restart LiveCode.

2. Make a new stack, create a widget (dragging works not always, but from
menu Object> New Widget).
Then open the property inspector and the overview from tinydict or Dict.
No go through all tabs of the inspector and test the properties "live".
(Find some properties on unusual tabs of the PI, this is because there
are not enough appropriate tabs available.)

3. Open the sample stack and look at the demos. Some are easy, some need
advanced scripting like other LC controls.

I have a lot of unfinished projects. I will publish some while waiting
for some progress with LC Builder and HTML5. May be I'll leave LC before
some more items of the very long lists of promises of the last years will
happily be realised.
But before leaving I'll make some simpler example stacks: "Quick starter".
I don't like teaching videos, sorry, not for giving and not for taking.

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