Valentina -- Reporting for LiveCode 50% Off Last Day Cyber Monday 2019

R.H. roland.huettmann at
Fri Dec 6 09:42:05 EST 2019

@Lynn Fredricks

I missed this message about Valentina and offer. Well, no problem.

May I ask about the basic principle of Valentina database and Valentina
Reports for LiveCode?

I assume that the Report Engine is built on the SQL engine and not into
LiveCode itself?

Years ago I personally met the original developer of Valentina in Kherson
in Ukraine. There are very smart people, often mathematicians by university
education, and highly skilled in low-level programming, in C, C++,
Assembler, and whatever. I always thought that such people could be ideal
supporting the core of the LiveCode engine. I had good experiences and very
happy customers in Switzerland, USA and elsewhere.

So far I use LiveCode itself for printing reports. It is a lot of work, but
also it is getting the job done. Many pages of reports can be created "on
the fly" using as many cards as there are pages to also be able to know
page numbers and programmatically format each page according to certain
rules with sub summaries and a grand summary. Also, this rendering on each
page allows for a good preview. It is something like the DataGrid with
details of varying height. After the report is printed, all cards are
deleted. But again, it is really lot of work doing it well.

So, Valentina Report may be a better way. Another question: Why should we
use Valentina when we have SQLite?

Regards, Roland

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