Script Editor disassociates - a lossy LC IDE bug

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Dec 5 18:04:23 EST 2019

On 12/5/2019 5:42 PM, Curry Kenworthy via use-livecode wrote:
> Wondering if this bug has already been reported?
> I've seen a wonderful LC 9 IDE bug: sometimes the Script Editor window 
> seems to disassociate from the object being edited. Thus after this 
> bug is triggered, any typed script changes may not really be applied 
> and saved, although they are shown as applied. Next LC session, those 
> changes are gone; the stack code is still as it was prior to the bug 
> being triggered and prior to editing the script.
> An alternate form is that the script changes actually are applied, but 
> in a bad way: first the script disassociates completely and is empty, 
> then the empty script is saved, overwriting the previous script. Nice! 
> (I think this is my favorite variation; if we're going to cause loss 
> of work/code, might as well do it boldly and not beat around the bush.)
> I suspect this happens more on Mac than Windows, but since I don't 
> have a recipe, not sure. I've seen this happen to other people rather 
> than on my own machine. On LC 905 for sure, and probably on 950 also.
> If Script Editor disassociation does happen, I advise immediate but 
> careful no-save quit or force quit, and pray that you're already in 
> the habit of backing up beforehand. Copy and paste the current script 
> text to an external text editor if necessary. Of course this 
> particular bug just might be able to defeat the safety of stack 
> backups too in some situations, but hey, that's why it's an 
> extra-fabulous bug!
> So, in addition to being a bit crashy and glitchy, the 9 IDE is a bit 
> work-lossy. That could turn off both new and old users if they are the 
> humor-deficient type to frown on losing some work. But shucks, ain't 
> no thang! Only features features features (and new side projects) 
> matter! Glad we all agree on that.
> Any reports or recipes on this issue? I'll post a report if there is 
> none. Thanks....

I saw a similar error in earlier versions of LC9 where the script I was 
editing was for a different object that what was indicate the Project 
Browser. So the Project Browser was showing (highlighting) Object A but 
actually thought it was on Object B.

It occurred fairly intermittently. I never developed a recipe and I have 
not see this in the most recent releases (9.0.5 and 9.5.1)

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